I need to think of a good title for this one.

Kids Photos

Little Brownie

Thanks for Stuart for tweaking and framing this one for me.

Pinhole camera photos

Mainly shot in the garden – ISO200 & 1600, exposures about 10-20 seconds.

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day.


Here’s my camera kitted out with a pinhole cap – I already had a hole drilled in the body cap from making an eyepiece adapter. I gaffer taped a piece of heavy card over this, and made the smallest pinhole in it that I could manage. Mk I had just a pinhole poked in it, but you really need it as small as possible. Exposures at ISO 200, in a shaded garden, seem to be about 10-20 seconds: light is too low for automatic, so you have to go fully manual and experiment. This is where a digital camera is really handy – you can see how it comes out immediately, rather than having to shoot a spread and wait till you’re in the darkrooom to see which was the best one.


Freedom II



Ursa Major

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